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Pandoc static blog generator

pblog comes packed with an incredible list of features:

and it also doesn’t ship with a lot of other features:

But you can add these things yourself with a little know-how and patience! The goal of pblog is to remain as bare-bones as possible, so these “extras” are left out intentionally.

Live Demo

This very website is a live demo! Mind blowing, right? Take a look at the automated blog list to see some blog posts.


On MacOS / BSD Systems

On Linux

Getting Started

  1. Clone the project repo: https://git.btxx.org/pblog
  2. Edit the variables inside the _config.sh file
  3. !! Pay close attention to the OS variable to set your correct operating system !!
  4. Edit the posts in posts and pages in pages to your own
  5. Run make from the root directory
  6. Upload the contents of the _output folder to your server
  7. Profit!!!

For a more in-depth look, take a look at the article Introducing pblog

Base Settings

Table of Contents

By default pblog ships with TOC (Table of Contents) enabled. You can disable this on each individual page or post by editing the TOCvariable in pblog.sh to false:

TOC: false

Code Highlighting

pblog uses the standard syntax highlighting provided with Pandoc. To disable this, set the SYNTAX variable to false in pblog.sh:

SYNTAX: false


You can share your pblog websites by emailing me at the address listed below and I’ll add them here.

brad at bt {dot} ht

Websites Using pblog